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I am a happy to girl tying to create meaningful life. Professionally I am a Web Designer, Vastu Consultant and I run a NGO - AARDHVA for poor kids
Added on 25 May 2017
The magic mantra for wish fulfillment
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Added on 26 April 2017
Her hands had known
and touched and felt
the best and the worst
that life had to offer.

They’d held a newborn
they’d kneaded bread
they’d mended sweaters
they’d caressed her man
felt a rose petal
petted a cat
soothed a boo boo
prayed to God.

Her hands had seen
their share of toil
and despair
triumph and joy
sorrow and love.

Her hands had
served God.

~ Michael Traveler

Added on 31 March 2017
I Am Affirmations For Wealth, Success, Money & Prosperity

I strongly believe that what happens with us is a part of our belief system. if I believe i am a multi billionaire, everything in the universe conspires to make me rich. if I believe I am successful, nothing can stop me from being one.

Added on 30 March 2017
I know I’m not easy to love. I’m a chronic over-thinker, I overreact more than I should…And every once in a while, I might be a little insecure. But if I am in love with you, I can promise you wholeheartedly that you will be loved with so much passion and intensity that you’ll forget what life felt like before I came along. You will always be cared for and you will always have someone in your corner.

Added on 29 March 2017
I believe that what we certainly receive in our lives, is the vibes that we send out tot he universe. if we begin our day saying that "Its a really wonderful day, mind it !! We have already signalled the universe that we want the day to be awesome. Carve beautiful moments, days and a beautiful life by the power of beautiful thoughts.

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Today I decided to forgive you. Not because you apologized or because you acknowledged the pain that you caused me, but because my soul deserves peace.

Added on 22 March 2017
Do you reward yourself for your accomplishments?

It is important that we take the time to celebrate even our small victories.

It's time to take a step back and realize that instead of focusing on all that we're not getting done, we should be focusing on all that we are getting done. I call this the Celebrate the Small Victories approach. This will make for a much happier existence, boost your self-esteem by placing focus on the positive and likely make you

Added on 14 March 2017
In the end its not about who desired you..but who values you
Its not about who broke your heart but who mended it
Its not about those who let you down but those who held you up
It’s not about all the times you were called beautiful, it’s about all the days you felt it.

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