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    Added on 19 April
    Jeff Bezos – The Inspiring Story of the Richest Man on the Planet

    “Jeff is crazy — crazy like a fox. He has a very clear vision and design.”
    — Nadia Shouraboura, a former Amazon executive.

    Jeff Bezos is not just a rich businessman; he is the richest person alive on the planet.

    He started his venture from a garage and turned it into the most popular eCommerce shopping portal on earth.

    He is the founder and CEO of Amazon.com, the biggest E-Commerce marketplace in
    Jeff Bezos - The Inspiring Story of the Richest Man on the Planet seowebfirm.com With a net worth of around $140 billion Jeff Bezoz is the world's richest person. He is the founder and CEO of amazon.com the biggest online shopping portal in ...

    Added on 15 March
    Jeff Kinney, a Super Successful Creative Writer in the Children’s Genre

    Jeff Kinney is one of the most popular authors in the world. He is a good cartoonist and has produced a vast number of children’s books.

    He shot to fame through the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series.

    When Internet became popular, the web version of his book series was launched in the year 2004. He kept on working on his book series for 8 years consistently, before he decided to
    Jeff Kinney, a Super Successful Creative Writer in the Children’s Genre seowebfirm.com Jeff Kinney, a popular writer in kids’ genre is a renowned author worldwide. He is also a cartoonist, movie maker, and actor. His most popular work is Diary o...

    Added on 20 February
    Shama Hyder, a Digital Marketing Expert, Keynote Speaker, and TV & Media Personality

    Now, I want to be a little bit in your face and ask a direct question, “If God forbid, you face 18 job rejections in the very early stage of your career, how would you react and behave?”

    You will probably go nuts and start behaving in a crazy manner.

    Many will lose all hope and develop suicidal tendencies.

    This is not the case however with the most successful and revered
    Shama Hyder, a Digital Marketing Expert, Keynote Speaker, and TV&Media Personality seowebfirm.com Shama Hyder is a well-known digital marketing expert, media and TV personality and business mentor based in United States. She is the founder and award winning ...

    Added on 03 February
    Scott Stratten: the Keynote Speaker blogger and writer with a difference

    In our journey towards the most influential people online, I bring you the mirthful Scott Stratten.

    He is different in the way he presents he’s facts across. As he puts it, he let people unlearn the old and bad ways on how to conduct their brand on the Social Medias.

    Ordinarily you would dismiss him as just another comedian. Not until you get to know that he once run a successful viral
    Scott Stratten: the Keynote Speaker blogger and writer with a difference seowebfirm.com Scott Stratten is listed s one of the Top Social Media Influencers globally. He is currently the president of Unmarketing. A co-author of five best selling book...

    Added on 24 January
    Justin Cutroni: Analytics Evangelist at Google

    Web analytics has been a trend for some years now.

    It’s where companies use data to make their decisions.

    Justin Cutroni is mostly referred to as an analytics evangelist.

    Currently, Justin works at Google as an analytics evangelist, a position that he took six years ago.

    He is the right person to read his articles and follow him on the social media, if you need to get the latest trends in Google analytics.

    He has written hands on guide
    Justin Cutroni: Analytics Evangelist at Google seowebfirm.com Justin is a blogger, author, and the Analytics Advocate for Google. Some of Justin's former clients include Toyota, Sony Music, Universal Music, the National Ho...

    Added on 09 January
    JK Rowling is a famous British author, who is known worldwide for her popular Harry Potter children’s book series.

    She is also famous for amassing a fortune of $850 million, which makes her one of the richest persons in the world.

    The source of her wealth is the royalty earned through her Harry Potter series of books of which she has sold more than 450 million copies and also its movie franchise that has earned her around $8 billion.

    She is also known
    J K Rowling from a struggling single mom to one of the richest authors seowebfirm.com Meteoric Rise of J K Rowling from struggling single mom to the world's most successful author

    Added on 03 October 2018
    Sandi Krakowski, a Social Media Influencer, Who Promotes Religious Values at the Workplace seowebfirm.com Sandi krakowski is a social media influencer, digital marketing expert and a business coach, who emphasizes the importance of religious values at workplace. Acc...

    Added on 03 October 2018
    Gina Trapani – World’s Richest Female Blogger and Tech-preneur seowebfirm.com When we talk about the best tech writer and blogger, Gina Trapani is the famous name one can rely on. From a writer to enterpreneur, she did everything to the b...

    Added on 13 November 2017
    4 Fundamental Challenges For Small Businesses And How To Face Them Successfully seowebfirm.com When it comes to establishing small businesses, the first few years are always the toughest. There are tons of fundamental challenges they need to struggle with...

    Added on 06 October 2017
    51 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website seowebfirm.com One of the most common concerns of any blogger is to drive traffic to his blog or website. After all, it doesn’t make sense to fill up your website with quali...