Sagarika Kumari

    • West Bengal


    Digital Marketting


    My optimistic approach to life helps me a lot in getting success constantly at every level. I meet so many people in my profession and chill out with them. I do drink alcohol and enjoy my life passionately. My hobby is to reach out to different places and do extreme things. I’m a travel lover and I want to reach out to all parts of the world.

    The immense pleasure that I get by traveling to different places is highly commendable. I ensure to travel with my family and friends so that I don’t get bored. Apart from traveling, I like to make new friends. I simply do it through mobile apps that help in creating friends nearby. My way of thinking has changed by thinking positive and learning new things. I also take lots of risks in my profession and look for new opportunities. I think risk makes you stronger and you should take it often to learn the meaning of life.

    My approach to life has drastically changed after my psychological session with a 13-year-old girl. She was harassed by someone and I consulted her for 3 months and then she committed suicide. That incident changed my life completely and my thought process. Then, I started taking life very seriously.

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