Longman & Van Grack LLC

    Longman & Van Grack is a Maryland (Bethesda & Rockville), Washington DC, and Virginia law firm practicing litigation, business law, tax law.


    With our administrative appeals and petition Bethesda, the customers would benefit from various other things that are available on our official portal. There are various other services that are available More


    Added on 10 June
    How you can select a tax attorney in Maryland Many times people hire a tax attorney in Maryland when they are audited by the Internal Revenue Service

    Added on 30 May
    Hire an estate planning attorney to protect your assets Estate planning is one of the most crucial decisions you can make to transfer your property in the safe hands.

    Added on 29 January
    Civil Litigation Maryland Civil Litigation attorneys known as "litigators" or "trial lawyers" are the attorneys that defend individual or companies on civil cases.

    Added on 10 January
    Commercial Litigation Attorney Bethesda MD Longman & Van Grack LLC has combined altogether with the blend of lawyers that are licensed to practice law in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.

    Added on 07 December 2018
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