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Added on 14 July
A simple clarification about the patentable and non-patentable entities.
A #Patent is basically a statutory contract between patent applicant & state. It frequently referred to as monopolies.

Added on 13 July
How to Apply and Get the Shop & Establishment License in Bangalore?
You can do it through online, nowadays it is becoming easy where you can register as well as renew your #shop and #establishment.

Added on 13 July
We can #choose our #happiness and improve our days.

The key to being #happy is knowing you have the #power to choose what to accept and what to let go.

Added on 08 June
Added on 08 June
You are never too old to set another #goal or to #dream a new dream. You are your creator, create yourself wisely.

Added on 08 May
How do I apply for shop and establishment license in Bangalore Karnataka?
If you are running a new/ existing #shop or #business in Bangalore Karnataka, it is necessary to have a certificate/license for shop and establishment of your business to avoid legal matters. In this post you will get the details of shop & establishment and its application procedure. #ShopAndEstablishment

Added on 28 March
Difference Between Memorandum and Articles Association in a Company.

Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) are the most essential element of a company to express its objective, nature, power, rules and regulations. #MOA #AOA

Added on 28 March
These 5 Incredible Self-Improvement Books for Young Adults will Change The Way You Think — or something like that.
The 5 Best Self-Improvement Books for Young Adults – Personal Growth – Medium medium.com (Because Medium doesn’t have enough book recommendations already)

Added on 06 February
Have you ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur on your own and having a fabulous career for yourself that is going to make you financially independent?

Here is a brief guide on becoming a successful entrepreneur. #Entrepreneurship

Added on 28 November 2017
Here are Top 10 Heritage Sites in Karnataka that you should not miss it.
Lose Yourself in History and Culture of Top 10 Heritage Sites in Karnataka indiator.com Karnataka is an Indian state that hosts a large number of splendid historical monuments. It has popular sites that attract travellers from all across the globe....