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    Added on 21 August

    Types of Hair Extensions by Western Traders

    The need of attaining longer hair is now being needed as an integral part for a women’s life. To attain such things one needs to avail for themselves hair extensions. Now Hair Extensions and Wigs have a difference between them. One is made available readily while the other is just simply needs certain professional hair stylist to install them. From hair extensions you not only avail longer hair but from these weft locks you can also attain more volume into your natural hair. However there is a doubt that comes to mind, which hair extensions would be good to use for a longer period of time as well as for a shorter period of time.

    Here, Western Traders present to you types of hair extensions according to their use and the time period they sustain to be attached onto your hair.

    • Clip-In Hair Extensions – Now, Clip-In Hair Extensions are one of the most common hair extensions found in almost every market of beauty and lifestyle. As from the name it means that the clips are used to attach the top portion of the hair which would then be used to attach onto any side of your hair you would like to be on it.
      There are several advantage of using this product however the main being that it is easy to apply onto your hair. You can instantly achieve longer and effective voluminous hair.
      Another advantage of using such product is that you have the freedom of putting back on your hair whenever you need. Meaning that such products are easily reusable. Easy to apply and easy to take out. However the main disadvantage of the use of such product is that it is simply not good for a longer period of time.
    • Tape-In Hair Extensions – From the name it is clear as to what it is. Here a tape with a special adhesive is applied with the top part of the weft onto it. Which would then be attached onto the side of your natural hair. This process is a bit time consuming as it requires a special method from a specialist to help assist you in attaching the extension onto it.
      Few reasons as to why this is a good hair extensions product:-
    • Easy Application – It is very easy to apply this hair extension onto your head as it requires no heating tool.
    • Natural look – When applied properly with the help of a professional trained hair stylist it tends to give your hair a natural look as they lie flat against your head.
    • Lightweight – Often considered as a lightweight hair extensions not because of it’s short hair but because when applying it is spread over a larger area of your natural hair causing it to strain less.
    • However one main fall out of this product is that one cannot make a pony hair style with this hair extension product. Which you would often have to consider a clip-in hair extension for such favour or other hair extension products which have a permanent long lasting effect on your head.
    • Hot Fusion Hair Extension – This hair extension stay attached to your head for a period of 6-7 months if applied properly. This process requires a well-trained hair stylist to install the extension onto your head properly. Here a Keratin based U-Tip or I-Tip bond hair extension is used to bond to the root of your hair with the help of a heating tool. It usually takes a time period of 5 hours for proper installation and it stays on your head for a longer period of time blending perfectly with your natural hair.
      The main disadvantage of this product is that it is expensive, non-reusable and if not applied properly could damage your hair for a longer period of time.

     Here are some of the extensions that we provide to our clients as well as our potential customers. If you have any enquiries about hair extensions and want to know more about it, you can simply mail us at wtraders@yahoo.co.in and we would get back to you about our product portfolio as well as making you understand more about hair extensions.


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