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    Added on 24 May 2019

    Make Finding Love Easy – Know How to Create A Dating App

    Trends of love game has changed over time, and with time, what’s new now is dating apps. Reason why they’re so popular is because it’s feasible for all, meaning shy people can too think of going for dates, or try to find out their crush on such apps. It’s definitely a much better way to ask someone out, in contrast to age old stalking around habits. 

    Points to remember while building dating apps:

    • Check your competitors. See how they’re capturing their audience. Learn their tips and tricks. 
    • Give a detailed study to functionalities and features.
    • Build the app as per the idea of your dating app
    • Opt the right tech stack 
    • Get an idea of the time and money needed to build the app
    • Set forth the right monetization strategy for your app

    Dating Apps on the rise

    Even though Americans don’t agree being present on dating sites, figures reveal the opposite. Male and female population is increasingly raising the number of date app use. Revenue earned through dating apps is something close to $1,667 million. 

    So, if you’re thinking of developing a dating app, chances are that you might make millions out of  it, within a year or so! 

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