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  • Personnel manager
  • Petaluma, CA 94952
Shared on 17 May 2019
People immigrate to an advanced country in search of better career, social security and better future for their kids. Many have surely reaped the benefits of moving to another country but there is a word of cation to everyone considering immigration. Let us analyse a few reasons why it may not be a good idea to leave everything behind and migrate.

1. Unlearn your culture and traditions: The surroundings, religion and traditions of the country all have played a vital part in shaping up your personality. If you decide to migrate, all of this has to be removed from your system. Right from your food habits to your dressing sense, political views and social choices have to be redesigned according to the society of the new country.

2. Picking up the new language: If you are moving to European countries, US, Canada or Australia, you have to be proficient in their language. To obtain Canada PR Visa, IRCC has set various criteria to achieve a higher CRS score. Proficiency in English and French is a vital determinant when you calculate CRS score. Check this

3. Leave behind your loved ones: The hardest thing about moving to another country is leaving behind your parents, siblings, friends etc. They will be heartbroken as you amputate yourself from the roots that you so love. Ask yourself, is it worth is?

4. You may never fit in:Thanks to the immigration procedures you may easily acquire the citizenship of a new country. But you will always remain a foreigner in that land and may struggle bitterly to fit into the society. You or your kids may even be subjected to harsh discrimination.

5. It is a huge financial burden: Migrating to another nation is a huge financial burden. While applying for immigration, you are expected to show a substantial saving fund. This is a must to indicate that you are capable of taking care of your dependants in a foreign land.

These are grave concerns for anyone who desires to migrate to a new country. Before going ahead with your decision, think twice if it's worth sacrificing so much.

If you are willing to sacrifice a bit and be patient enough to start once again from scratch in new country, then there is no reason why you should not move. It is undoubtedly a golden opportunity for your kid.
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