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    Added on 16 January

    How to share Office Setup Document using Windows OS ?

    Microsoft office setup versions come with enhanced productivity features that perk up presentation manner. From a pile of smart attributes, sharing files and folders is one supreme feature. However, not every user is aware about how to share Office documents using the desktop version.

    Regardless of your mode of access, online or desktop version, it is mandatory to have an active account on Office com setup. You will need to access your Office setup account while you share the file or any document.

    Please note that the steps below are applicable on the desktop version of Office setup running on Windows-based operating system. The instructions below may not work for other operating systems.

    Steps to share Microsoft Office Word document on Windows computer:

    1. Go to office.com/setup
    2. Sign in/ Sign up
    • Enter you 25-digit activation code if asked
    1. Open the Office setup file/ Word document you want to share
    2. Click Share button available in the top right corner of above the ribbon
    3. Save all the changes of the document in One Drive
    4. Allow permission options for the contacts you want to share with
    5. Add the email address if the person is not already added, or just type names of the people
    6. From One Drive, attach the document with
    7. Click Send

    This is all you need to do to share any MS Office setup file. You may fail to complete the process if you do not have licensed account on www.office.com/setup. In order to get a license, select and buy an Office setup plan. Keep the 25-digits Office setup product key and locate it at Office.com/setup. After you complete the activation, you will have the access to share or receive Microsoft documents.

    While only using the desktop version, you can share the file with anyone you wish. Moreover, online Office setup users also have the benefit to collaborate in real-time.

    Source : https://howtoreader.wordpress.com/2019/01/16/how-to-share-office-setup-document-using-windows-os/

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