Capsule by SALA is perfect for business travellers & Joy Travellers seeking world-class service and the modern amenities at an affordable accommodation.
    Added on 11 February

    Create Memorable Experiences By Booking With Us

    At a pocket-friendly budget, you can have it all with a pod in Colombo. Online booking will enable you to select what you require. Whether it is one person or two people, we got you covered. Capsule by Sala offers great capsules that are vertical or horizontal. We ensure that they are clean and tidy. The washrooms are also spotless for your comfort. You will not get bored because you can catch up with what is happening around the world. We have free Wi-Fi and televisions for your enjoyment. Excellent services are what we offer because we value you.

    While you enjoy food at Capsule by Sala, you can also have total relaxation. There is a gaming area and also a serene place if you need quiet time. You can have peace of mind after a tiresome day. Your luggage will be stored safely in the luggage area. The rooms will be free from the congestion of luggage. You can be sure of the best sea view and also the city from the public places. Feel free to document these amazing views because they create great memories. In the future, you can be able to refer to them as a reminder that you traveled to Colombo.

    We have the ultimate pod capsule hotels in Colombo. We have cabin categories that will blow your mind. They are single, double or standard and they are thirty-one in number. The inside view is splendid, and you will have a good night sleep. Capsule by Sala will create a great impression right from reception. Our staff is friendly and ready to answer your questions each time. Our affordable rates will make you satisfied because we would like you to come back again. We would also like you to get good experiences while you tour the city.

    From the hotel, you can get to other proximal areas like the Dehiwala Zoo which was formed way back in 1936. The zoo has various animals especially birds. They are in different categories, and they are really beautiful to look at. The Beira Lake will be an awesome place to catch up with nature. History was made in Colombo, and it would be just nice if you could take the memories with you. The Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall has great events ranging from trade to academics. The best sites are accessible through our Capsule by Sala.


    The Boutique Capsule hotel, with its all-high tech Capsule beds, is located on Galle Road, in the heart of Colombo. The Capsule Hotel is perfect for business travellers & Joy Travellers seeking world-class More
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