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    Added on 04 June 2019

    What are the Advantage Using PHP Programming on Zend Framework?


    One of the major advantages of PHP is that it is platform independent. It can run without hassles or glitches on any platform like Linux, UNIX, Mac OS and Windows thus freeing the developer of any worries about the operating system being used by the user.

    Easy to learn

    PHP is a simple technology and with little dedication, you can learn it pretty easily. PHP can be easily embedded into HTML files to create dynamic web pages. PHP is easy to work with databases as well. You can accomplish the same with PHP using fewer codes as compared to other programing language. The syntax of PHP bears strong resemblance with C which mean learning PHP for a person familiar with C should be a breeze.


    Fast loading websites

    PHP allows you to develop fast loading websites. It smoothly connects with hardware therefore allowing PHP run sites to load at a faster rate. Researches show that 90% people abandon the site if it does not load within 3 seconds. A highly attractive and informative website will invariably fail to serve its purpose if it fails to load up within three to six seconds because majority of users will abandon it and go to a competitor’s website, if it takes more than that to load.

    PHP 5.0 supports object oriented programming which is another feather in its cap as it supports faster programming development.


    PHP is open-source and has a vast community of PHP developers who regularly contribute towards making it more powerful and productive. If you are ever stuck with a query in PHP, you can be rest assured of a faster response.

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