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    Everything about Canadian Tourist Visa

    The Canadian Tourist visa is one of the Canada Immigration pathways for individuals who seek to travel to the country for a vacation or spend a short time in Canada. The tourist visa falls under the temporary visa category and the Canadian government allows you to stay for a maximum period of 6 months in the country with the visa. However, you can fill out an application to extend your stay in the country.

    What are the document requirements for the tourist visa?

    You need to have the following major documents, if you wish to travel to Canada:

    • A valid passport.
    • Medical certificate.
    • No convictions or criminal background.
    • Provide intentions to return to their own country.
    • Sufficient funds to stay in Canada during Canada Immigration as a visitor.

    What is the basic fee structure for the tourist visa?

    Below are the necessary fees required for processing the visa.

    • Application fee: CAD$ 100.
    • Application fee for multiple entries: CAD$ 500.
    • Extending visit: CAD$ 100.
    • Restore status: CAD$ 200.

    The fee structure discussed above gets updated frequently by the Canadian government. It is recommended for you to be up to date with changes and seek guidance from a consultancy for Canada Immigration.

    What are the steps to apply for the tourist visa?

    There are 2 types of tourist visa:

    • Single Entry visa.
    • Multiple Entry visa.

    The single entry visa allows you to enter Canada once and stay their 6 months while the multiple entry visas allow you to enter Canada multiple times until the visa expires.

    Below are the basic steps to apply for the visa:

    • Determine how to apply (Online or On-paper).
    • Correctly fill out the tourist visa application form.
    • Pay processing fee.
    • Visit the local Visa application center with the required documents.
    • Submit the application form.
    • Track your application form with the unique tracking number provided.

    Depending on the country you belong to, you have to show that you have your biometrics taken. Biometrics can be done at the Visa Application Centers. The processing time for a Tourist Visa depends on, from where you are submitting the application form. If the applicant applies from within Canada, the processing time is usually between 14 days for online applications and 19 days for the paper-based application. The processing time for applications made from outside Canada varies, depending on the applicant’s country of origin.

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