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    Sam’s Antique Oriental Rug Repair in the Dallas County. We provide Service in Dallas / Fort Worth area with repairing and cleaning.
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    Added on 04 February
    Sam’s Antique Oriental is one of the best showrooms for rug cleaning services. We are proudly serving #Dallas/Ft. Worth for over 25 years. We repair and clean all type of rugs whether it is #Chinese, handmade #Persian, #Turkish, or #Indian #rugs. Our team will give your old rug a new shine and look. Visit us for more details http://www.samsantiquerugs.com

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    Antique Oriental Rugs Repair and Oriental Rugs Repair Services Dallas samsantiquerugs.com Sam Antique Rugs is trusted name for Rug repair Dallas tx & Oriental Rugs in Dallas Texas. If you have rugs for cleaning for Oriental Rug Cleaning Dallas.

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