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    Added on 12 February
    Devops in the cloud

    The devops approach for cloud computing can be easily defined:

    The cloud computing cluster enables devops automation with a typical platform for deployment, testing and production. Some enterprise systems having distributed nature in the past weren’t a good fit for the centralized software deployment. Utilizing a cloud platform solves many problems with distributed complexity.

    Automation in devops is becoming cloud-centric. Cloud computing providers such as public and private support devops systemically on their platform, in addition to continuous integration

    Added on 30 January
    Master AWS Certification Online Training

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of remote computing services, also called web services, that make up a cloud computing platform offered by Amazon.com. AWS is located in 11 geographical “regions”: US East, where the majority of AWS servers are based.

    Each Region is wholly contained within a single country and all of its data and services stay within the designated Region. Each Region has multiple “Availability Zones”, which are distinct data centers providing AWS services.
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    Added on 25 January
    Why to opt for Oracle ATG?

    The ATG platform includes ATG Dynamo Server Admin, an HTML-based interface that lets you inspect individual components at runtime. The default interface displays a component by listing its contained children and the values of its properties. Individual components can override this default behavior and provide their own servlets to act as the interface for that component. These custom servlets can also subclass the default servlet, so that it looks like the normal default servlet, possibly
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    Added on 26 December 2018
    Oracle Fusion HCM Overview

    Oracle Fusion HCM is abbreviated as Fusion HCM it is a component of Oracle Fusion Applications which sets a new standard for modernization and work. It is an approach to employee staffing which perceives people as human capital, whose present value can be measured and future value can be generated through investment.

    It offers global and rules-based applications that allow an organization to maintain and deliver benefit programs to meet their goals, mission, and strategies to a firm.
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