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    Added on 09 January

    How IoT is Revolutionizing Medical Devices Industry

    IoT services are used for emergency notification systems and remote health monitoring. Also known as smart healthcare, internet if things in the field of healthcare has turned up to be a boon in terms of connecting medical devices and providing better medical help to people with the help of technology, under the guidance of both human skills and artificial intelligence.

    The worldwide IoT industry is anticipated to rise at a notable rate owing to the government initiatives in order to promote digital health. Major factors to propel the worldwide IoT medical devices industry are the growing need for cost efficient services in healthcare and medical sector for patients.

    Besides the surge in cases of chronic diseases like arthritis, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are increasing the burden of hospitals and clinics by the day. The increase in the number of new hospital and medical center set-ups are also creating more opportunities of growth in the years to come.

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