Poke Kafe
  • Building 2177, Road 90, Block 1014

  • Building 2177, Road 90, Block 1014
Added on 02 December 2019
Poke Kafe is a restaurant located in Bahrain, serving a selection of Japanese that delivers across Diraz, Al Janabiyah and Al Jasra. Visit our website to know. https://bit.ly/2sz0ipv

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Added on 25 November 2019
Hunger makes everything tasteless whether it could be our favourite place or anything else. But what if you can have delicious and healthy food to fight our hunger? sounds interesting, isn't it? Poke Kafe is offering Restaurants In Bahrain to provide you fresh delicious and healthy food. Visit our website for more details. https://www.pokekafe.com
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Added on 18 November 2019
Do want to try something healthy and delicious? Then you are in the right place. Poke kafe is the best restaurants in Bahrain where you will be served quality and delicious food. Click here https://bit.ly/2Olu9sX

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Added on 08 November 2019
Looking for the best place to drink coffee? Then you are at right place. Poke kafe is offering coffee shops in Bahrain to fulfil your craving with delicious coffee. Click here https://bit.ly/2NtJwAb

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Added on 08 October 2019
Sometimes it's good to work out at the place having a calm and comfortable environment enhances productivity and creativity. Poke kafe offers coworking space to do work in Bahrain. Do your work without getting disturbed. Visit our cafe https://bit.ly/2mDssN5

Added on 01 October 2019
For Vegetarians it is very difficult to find a vegan restaurant. They keep on searching vegan restaurants near me and got nothing. But now Poke Kafe is offering vegan restaurants to the vegetarians to enjoy their meal. Visit our website https://bit.ly/31d9axg

Added on 24 September 2019
There are many restaurants in Hamala but most of them don't have quality service and food. Poke Kafe is one of the best restaurants that have too many satisfied customers with quality food service. Just visit us and eat delicious food and do your work. Click here https://bit.ly/31d9axg

Added on 09 September 2019
If you are tired coffee makes you feel good and energetic. If you want to have a great coffee near you, then wondering because Poke Kafe has opened coffee shops in Bahrain. We are here to gives you a delicious taste. Visit now https://bit.ly/31d9axg

Added on 02 September 2019
Are you looking for the best restaurants in Seef, where you can feel comfortable and lets you enjoy the food and the company of a friend? Poke Kafe is the right place for you. Contact now https://bit.ly/31d9axg

Added on 19 August 2019
Poke Kafe is Top #Restaurants In #Bahrain that serves award-winning food, supportive and luxurious environment where you can enjoy and create the best of the moment. Click here to know
more https://bit.ly/2KHXnSb