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    Added on 17 January 2019

    How to Enjoy Perfume on Holiday?

    A perfume is something, which you might need anytime, anywhere, even on a holiday. No one likes to travel or mingle with a person who stinks or have a sweat odour. You can prevent all this by taking bath and spraying on a good perfume, but carrying a perfume bottle on a holiday trip is not as easy as you might think. Some of the airlines have restriction on the limit of liquid you can carry with you so carrying that full size bottle of perfume is a complete no no.

    Instead of risking to lose your favourite perfume at the time of security check, why not take a precaution in advance by switching to the mini perfumes. Travel size mini perfumes such as Scent shot Malibu Women or Scent shot Signature for men are a traveller’s bliss that allow anyone and everyone to enjoy perfume at their comfort.

    Small enough to carry:

    Travel mini perfumes are very small in size having 5-10 ml of perfume which is perfect as per airlines standards, if mentioned otherwise. You can slip these small scents in your vanity bag or carryon luggage and use them on your holiday without any hassle.

    Carry different scents:

    If you are leaving for a business as well as pleasure holiday, you might need to keep different kinds of perfumes for different occasions. Due to the small size, it is possible for you to carry different fragrance as per your various needs on the holiday.

    How to carry perfume on holiday?

    If you are still worried about travelling with a bottle of perfume in your luggage, here are some simple tips for you:

    • Keep it in zip lock bag: This will help in preventing any spill if there is while you keep the perfume in the bag. You can also prevent it by purchasing perfume from a trusted source where special measures are taken while sealing the perfume bottle.
    • Wrap in bubble wrap: since your luggage will be going through any obstacles, rapping everything made of glass in bubble wrap will prevent it from breaking. Keep all glass bottles wrapped separately and then in one bag or between your clothes. It will provide supportive cushion.


    You can buy travel size mini perfumes easily on online perfume stores or carry your tester perfumes on the holiday, choice is yours. Enjoy a fragrant happy holiday.



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