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Order your medical marijuana card and get 420 evaluations done by the mmj doctors via chat in Alhambra and get mmj recommendation via email within minutes.
  • Certified MMJ Doctors
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For the MMJ card, you need to get first the 420 doctor’s recommendations. The doctor must be a licensed medical marijuana doctor. You need not to physically visit a doctor for a medical marijuana card. More
Added on 30 March 2019

Cannabis and Creativity - What Medical Marijuana Doctors Alhambra Say

According to a report by WHO, the use of cannabis has been increased since the 1960s in North America, Australia, and Europe. Apart from treating various conditions, cannabis can also increase creativity. There’s a wide range of studies that have proved that consuming cannabinoids can help produce creative thoughts and ideas, thus making the consumers more creative. Chemdawg, Jack Herer, Kali Mist, Space Queen, Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, and LSD
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