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    Added on 31 December 2018

    What do organic ingredients mean?

    Knowing about the ingredients you apply to your skin is necessary because what you put on your skin readily gets absorbed into the body. Some of the chemicals used in day-to-day skincare products being absorbed by the body produce hormonal disruptions, skin and eye irritations, respiratory stress, dermatitis, dizziness, weakening of the immune system and headaches .Therefore, feeding your skin with organic ingredients is important if you are concerned about maintaining your health.

    Meaning of organic ingredients-

    Organic beauty means using organic products containing organic ingredients but what are organic ingredients? Organic ingredients are the ingredients that have been produced without the spraying of agricultural herbicides and chemicals.

    Differences between natural and organic ingredients-

    Natural ingredients are cultivated from nature but there is no specification whether they’ve been sprayed with agricultural chemicals or not. On the other hand, Organic ingredients are often of natural origin but aren’t always of natural origin and have not been contaminated by agricultural chemicals and pesticides at all. For example, the Soil Association allows certain preservatives not being 100 % natural to be used in certified organic products.

    Natural Skin Care ingredients-

    A ‘natural’ ingredient is anything that’s a byproduct of plant, mineral or animal. However, there isn’t any governing body to regulate natural products therefore; brands can use the word natural on their packaging for the purpose of marketing too. This means that a product containing only a handful of natural skin care ingredients can call it to be natural irrespective of the addition of synthetic ingredients.

    The safest way to check this is by turning the bottle around and reading the ingredients list.  However, don’t let the scientific names of natural ingredients fool you into thinking they’re synthetic. Ingredients like benzyl alcohol though sound synthetic are a natural preservative. A little research will clarify your queries, though.

    Organic Skin Care ingredients-

    The term ‘organic’ means the method adopted for farming an ingredient is without the usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics. The usage of the word organic is highly regulated. Though there is no single accrediting body around the world for owning the certified organic rule implementation however, in America brands must comply with the rules set by the USDA, the United States department of agriculture, for claiming themselves to be organic.

    It’s necessary to note that a product using the term organic on the packaging may not be 100 per cent organic. The USDA states a product containing between 70-95 per cent organic ingredients can wear the organic claim too. Look out for word organic to know the product is actually made up of majority of organic ingredients.

    The use of the word organic means a brand has been certified by the USDA and that the ingredients have been grown with no fertilizers or pesticides and absolutely no genetically modified organisms.

    Organic means Non-Toxic Ingredients- When companies claim to be possessing non-toxic ingredients, they are referring to not using ingredients linked to toxic responses like hormone disruption, neuro disruption, cancer, etc. An example is phthalates, formaldehyde, petroleum; lead acetate, coal tar and many more. However, when the company claims to use organic ingredients, it means that toxic ingredients haven’t been used at all.

    Benefits of using skincare products with organic ingredients-

    1. Earth Friendly

    Ingredients of Conventionally produced products possess negative impact on our environment. This is because conventional beauty products have ingredients that were harvested with harmful chemicals and pesticides that can damage the soil to a greater extent. However, by using organic ingredients you are promoting the manufacturing of clean products. Chemical-free farms, cleaner processing method saves the soil from getting damaged. This helps in promoting a healthier planet.

    2. Better for Your Skin

    There is little to no government regulations on skin care products being used every day. This means that companies can use any kind of ingredients in skincare products, without caring whether it can be harmful or not. Therefore, many of the products are bad for the skin, and can cause it to become irritated and unhealthy. Many people are in fact allergic to these common chemicals. However, by using organic skincare products, you don’t have to worry about these harmful chemicals. The organic ingredients have nutritional value for supporting the skin. They are researched for making sure that they refine, repair and rejuvenate your skin.

    3. Healthier for the skin

    Skin absorbs everything being put on it. So, when lotions, creams, makeup, and other beauty products having harmful chemicals are put on the skin, everything gets absorbed. All of that gets soaked into your skin goes into your bloodstream and can cause health risks but by using organic products, you know of the ingredients going into your bloodstream. You don’t have to worry about the damaging impacts of the chemicals. Instead, these organic ingredients have been researched to be absolutely safe and nourishing.

    4. Don’t Contain Synthetic Fragrances

    Wondering what’s wrong with the fragrances as it just helps to make the product smell better? Well, as per the Food and Drug Administration a company doesn’t have to reveal the ingredients of their fragrances being a trade secret of the company. This trade secret factor lets the companies to use whatever they wish to to call it being part of the product’s fragrance and it’s not listed and not known to the consumer. You don’t have any idea about the number of chemicals being used for making the fragrance. They could be excessively harmful. Organic products eliminate this concern. These products don’t contain fragrance chemicals that could harm you. Instead, you know what is being applied on your skin.

    Nuluv keeps the skincare products with their ingredients list close to the earth. You can take comfort in knowing that Nuluv uses either organic ingredients or a mix of natural and organic ingredients. What really counts is what skincare brands of Nuluv do not use: no unnecessary additives, chemicals, fillers or parabens. At Nuluv, we possess the reputation for being the strictest organic skin and hair care store in India. That’s because we just don’t go near toxins! We’ve researched all skin care products being offered by us & checked every ingredient being present in our skincare product. The care we take in selecting our certified organic skin and hair care products extends to the manufacturing process because we assess the humanitarian credentials of each brand.


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