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    Added on 19 December 2018
    Blockchain technology has been the talk of the block for quite some time now. It has taken a variety of the globe’s industries by storm over the course of recent years, while at the same time building up a large amount of hype, for healthcare included.

    There are many benefits to draw from implementing Blockchain technology in healthcare. This article https://mlsdev.com/blog/blockchain-and-healthcare-use-cases-today-and-in-the-future gives you a full understanding of how the healthcare industry can improve with the help of Blockchain technology solutions.
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    Added on 10 December 2018
    Have you ever wondered how free apps make money?

    Most of the time, you download an app from the store and simply start using it. Naturally, developers who offer apps for free expect pay in some other form.
    If you are thinking of developing an app but you are still not sure how a free app brings profit, the following article https://mlsdev.com/blog/how-do-free-apps-make-money will clear the situation.
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    Added on 29 November 2018
    A question whether to use a native app, a hybrid app or a web app is quite debatable and each option has its advantages and disadvantages. But it is very important to build a product that performs well so that your app could be successful.

    In this article https://mlsdev.com/blog/167-native-app-development you will find the comparison of the unique aspects of native vs hybrid app, as well as native vs web app.
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    Added on 14 November 2018
    There many well-known web development languages as Python, PHP, and Ruby that have been successfully used by developers for a long time. However, recent years have brought a new technology that is being thoroughly discussed - the Elixir programming language.

    Ever since Elixir programming began to gain traction, the efficiency and advantages of other back-end languages has been called into question.

    Follow this essential guide https://mlsdev.com/blog/elixir-programming-facts-to-know-for-better-app-development to find out why Elixir is so good and find out what the Elixir language is,
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    Added on 12 November 2018
    You don't know what the difference between Swift and Objective-C is and which language is better for your project. Learn the detailed comparison of Swift vs Objective-C https://mlsdev.com/blog/51-7-advantages-of-using-swift-over-objective-c to make your choice.
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    Added on 29 October 2018
    How Much Does an E-Commerce Website Cost?

    Nowadays the cost of the building an e-commerce website will range from $35,000 to $1,000,000 and even more. The price will depend on the customer’s business financial capacities and business plan. If you have a small local business with a limited number of goods, you will need a simpler website of lower complexity but if your brand is successful worldwide, you will have to buy a complex and costly website. The cost of e-commerce
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    Added on 24 October 2018
    If you want to launch a great app startup, you need to follow a systematic pattern.
    It is the essential guide to make sure you consider all your options to make your app a success: https://mlsdev.com/blog/10-how-to-make-your-app-successful
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    Added on 02 October 2018
    As you may have already noticed, Blockchain technology is the center of attention in current news headlines. The technology has been deemed "disruptive," and the future of Blockchain is commonly associated with one that could "alter life as we know it." However, there remains a bit of confusion about what exactly Blockchain technology is, where it’s used, who's using it, and how it’s developing. In this article: https://mlsdev.com/blog/the-future-of-the-blockchain-technology-use-cases-geographical-expansion-potential-risks-and-challenges
    we will clear up some of that confusion for our readers, and
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    Added on 01 October 2018
    Currently, it is a must-have to be active on social media and to operate in the e-commerce sector. E-commerce is a process where parties buy & sell products and services or send information by means of an electronic network, the Internet. The sales aspect of e-business depends on it.

    This article highlights e-commerce trends in 2018 and the most notable technological innovations modifying the future of the online shopping experience.


    Added on 15 September 2018
    User interface (UI) design is a critical part of the success equation for any app, regardless of its value proposition. Therefore, it is important for a web design and development company to not just scratch the surface, as far as UI design is concerned, whether it is for a mobile app or a web project.

    While many designers favor different tools, we have compiled a list of nine that are popular across the board. Before diving into these mobile UI design