Lineward Seamless Solution For Underground Installation
  • 157 Seneca Creek Rd,West Seneca,NY 14224

Since 1972, Line-Ward has hand-crafted the highest quality Line Layers and boring equipment specifically designed for seamless underground cable and pipe line i
  • Seamless Solution For Underground Installation
  • 157 Seneca Creek Rd,West Seneca,NY 14224
Added on 11 November 2019
Your seamless solution for underground pipeline and cable installation is the L2 Line Layer. For a limited time, receive $500 in optional Line Ward equipment with the purchase of a new L2 Line Layer. Call now 800-816-9621!
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Added on 05 November 2019
The L2 Line Layer provides trenchless line installation by utilizing a unique oscillating motion, similar to a reciprocating jigsaw.

Added on 01 November 2019
While the L2 has the power to cut through tough ground conditions, pushing aside many of the rocks it encounters, the unmatched maneuverability of the L2 allows it to skirt around surface obstructions and buried debris. For severe ground conditions, it is recommended to pre-cut a path utilizing the Ripper Blade.

Added on 21 October 2019
Lineward L2 Line Layer is using for the trenchless underground installation of cables & sprinkler pipes because of its unique, trenchless, reciprocating motion similar to an industrial sewing machine. Moreover, it has a 1-year limited warranty [excluding tracks, blades and wear items] and a 2-year warranty on Kohler engine.

Added on 18 October 2019
A seamless solution for underground installation is L2 Line Layer that is compact and easy to maneuver, and made in the USA. https://bit.ly/2VWZc44

Added on 04 October 2019
Why to choose L2 Line Layer over ditch witch? Firstly, the L2 line layer has higher horsepower than ditch witch and Vermeer, secondly, the l2 line layer drives in rubber track that reduces the chances of serious injuries. #L2LineLayer #Trencher #Vermeer #Ditchwitch

Added on 24 September 2019
Line-Ward L2 Line Layer can be used as fiber optic cable installation equipment. Its small turning radius and sewing machine motion make it compatible to install fiber optics efficiently. #L2LineLayer #Fiberopticsinstallation #Lineward

Added on 20 September 2019
The Line-Ward L2 Line Layer cable drop plow is a compact yet powerful machine specifically designed for wire installation such as telephone lines and fiber optics cables. This machine application includes boring, lawn irrigation systems and many more. #L2LineLayer #DirectionalBoringMachine #LineBoringEquipment #Lineward

Added on 12 September 2019
The L2 drives on rubber tracks, not tires as other larger vibratory lawn plows do. Tracks provide more traction and less lawn disturbance while the additional flotation of tracks allows the L2 to work in the wet lawns of spring and fall in seasonal regions. Call our toll-free number (800) 816-9621 to reach a Line-Ward customer service representative. #L2Linelayer #DirectionalBoringMachine #VibratoryPlow #CablePlow

Added on 14 August 2019
Horizontal Boring allows the underground installation of pipe, wire, or conduit under surfaces without cutting or disturbing that surface. Shop a high-quality directional drilling machine product at the best price from Lineward. Visit the below link:-
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