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Added on 08 March 2019

5 Steps to Follow While Redesigning a Website

In order to derive the best return on investment from the website you must consider redesigning of the Website with the help of best Website Design Company time to time. It is important that the process should be accurate and goal-oriented. When working with a designer, you must define the main reason (or the end of the game) for the changes. You may want to simplify your ordering process online, get more leads, or change the architecture of your Website.

Do not move forward until you clearly understand what you want to achieve with the new design and have the right data to support your decision. Why? Because your goal is the foundation on which all other decisions are made. Without this foundation, your site collapses. Once you have set your goal, do not miss these important steps.

1. Define the key metrics.

To track and measure the success of your redesign, you need to set goals (small goals) and measurable benchmarks. Learn more about your site's statistics before and after the redesign, including SEO, user engagement, and e-commerce, to determine the effectiveness of your efforts.

2. Update the resources of the website.

A smart website designed by a professional website designing company in Delhi enhances the brand of your business. When planning your new design, determine which keywords drive the most traffic to your website so you can integrate them. Also, write down the resources (such as Internet copies, images, and white papers) that you want to migrate to your new Web site, and modify them if necessary.

3. Define your target audience and develop personas.

Before you can target your audience, you must know who they are. One way to focus on your audience is to develop personalities who are the main visitors to your websites. Customer personalities help ensure that your brand and website address the audience you want to reach. If you do not know how to create these characters, a marketing agency can help you.

4. Test new designs before final launch.

The best chefs in the world test their creations before being placed in front of a customer. Before starting a redesigned site, you must do the same. The advantage of pre-launch testing is that you know what works and what does not work. Your web developer can help you make last-minute changes.

5. Launch when your site has the least traffic.

Contrary to popular belief, the best time to start redesigning a website is when you expect at least traffic. In this way, you can detect deformations with minimal damage. You should also plan to promote your new design. Over time, work with your best web design company in Delhi to perform audits, monitor bugs, and populate data.

A redesign of the website is a daunting task. By taking a thoughtful approach to the process and avoiding the temptation to use shortcuts, you can ensure that the time you spend redefining results in significant return on investment and improved profitability.

Therefore, it is important that you know how to maintain your ranking in SEO after the complete redesign of your website. You must make sure you follow all of these steps so that your website does not lose rank. You can benefit from the help of a professional website designing company in Delhi, Jeewangarg, for redesigning a website.


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