Inspirational Quotes & Messages

    Added on 07 April 2017
    Do not see klove from outside world. That love resides in your heart. For a day LOVE YOURSELF. PAMPER YOURSELF. Go for some shopping and treat yourself with your favorite cuisine. Ahem ! you will realize how beautiful life is. Its your journey and you have to stride on it alone. Do not let criticisms break you or defer you form your path. March ahead and win the game. After all you are here to leave a mark.

    Added on 06 April 2017
    You have the power within you to achieve what you want to. All that you need is a stubborn heart which believes that all can be achieved. This is the magic mantra "I AM". Just repeat to yourself..I am successful. I am powerful. i am achieving everything that I ever dreamt of. I am earning more and more with each passing day. i am happy. These positive affirmations will never let you fail in life. You send out signals to

    Added on 03 April 2017
    Difficulties and problems in life never mean that we forget to look ahead. We should always make an effort to change the world with our smiles and never allow the world to change our smiles. Its okay to have pains. Its okay to be hurted. Its these pains which teaches us how important a smile is. Rise above everything and remember if oyu have this life, you have it for a purpose and not to grin.

    Added on 31 March 2017
    Have you ever wondered what stops you from moving ahead. Have you ever wondered what stands as the biggest obstacle in your path to success. Its your own fears and doubts. Nothing works more magically than promising to free yourself from all the doubts and fears. Try it out. Repeat this positive affirmation day in and out and see how magic unfolds itself

    Added on 31 March 2017
    You are strong, does not mean you have to hide your pains. It does not mean you are suppose to smile and show that all is hunky dory. Its ok to be sad and shed tears. Being strong just means refusing to tolerate people and things that wound your soul. It means honoring your self and your feelings by allowing yourself to express freely.

    Added on 30 March 2017
    There are times when we are dawned with negative thoughts. In those difficult times, just see pictures of happiness, success and joy. Good things happen to those who surround themselves with positive thoughts. One bad news, one failure makes you believe that you are not meant to do a thing..Keep yourself away from such negative thoughts. Always believe, I am here to make it happen. Let your smile change the world..Do not allow the world to change your smile.

    Added on 29 March 2017
    Did you ever realize that the bet form of love is SELF LOVE. a person who does not know to love the self can never love anyone else. Realize that you are a magnet of power. Anything that you want to achieve is within your reach, if only you believe in the power of positive thoughts. Trust yourself. Say positive statements about yourself and see miracles happening in your lives

    Added on 28 March 2017
    All you have to do is to have a positive outlook towards life. Your success lies in the power of your thought. As you think, so it happens. make a positive affirmation every day of your life

    Added on 27 March 2017
    Always speak good. It costs nothing but creates a positive feeling. It strengthens you to face the challenges of life in a smarter and stronger way. Accept that you have infinite powers to change the tide in your favor. With a strong will and belief to succeed move ahead and make every moment count.

    Added on 27 March 2017
    Nothing works better for you than a strong belief system. What you perceive you receive. If you have dreamt of achieving a goal, make sure you visualize it each day of your life. This sends positive signals to the universe that you already believe in receiving the perceived blessings.