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    Added on 26 July 2018
    Hair loss troubles around 250 million Indians and 2 billion people across the globe. The chronic problem is found both in men and women. The usual treatment involves prescriptions, medication, laser therapy and more such expensive hassles. With the revolutionary HairPro Caps you can get immensely effective hair fall treatment at your home and also, save up to $3500.

    HairPro caps are medically approved and are recognized as a scientific treatment. Latest technologies are used which can prevent hair loss in 80 percent of users whereas 50 percent customers declared that their hair has re-grown. 80 low level laser therapy (LLLT) or Laser Photo Therapy (LPT) is used for the hair fall treatment. The laser lights have 650 nm wavelength which is ideal for hair fall cure.

    The FDA cleared HairPro caps gives full coverage that allows uniform distribution of laser lights to give optimal results. HairPro Caps only require to be used thrice a week for 30 minutes each, after which the light will automatically get switched off. This portable cap fits average individuals.

    HairPro caps are clinically proven and safe method of hair treatment which also thickens the hair, increases the diameter of the hair follicles by stimulating and energizing them. This pain-free and drug-free process also offer a one-year replacement guarantee in case you do not discover a visible improvement in your hair count.

    For more information, visit: hairprolaser.com

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