Added on 23 October 2019

    Top .NET CMS That You Should Consider for Your Business Site

    With the demands of online consumers expanding and emerging, enterprises are looking for a feature rich platform that helps to promote the brands and their products and also create a strong web presence.  To survive in the competitive market, businesses need to deliver a seamless user experience across varied channels. And for this, finding a CMS having features that align with the business goals is imperative.

    Although there are lots of great CMSs out there in the market, we have curated a list of some of the top .NET based CMS that you can use to develop your website or web application.

    Let’s take a look at some top .NET development CMS framework that suits your current 

    project best.


    This is a secure, extensible and scalable open source CMS that powers about 800,000 websites worldwide. It is based on Microsoft .NET which can be used as an application development framework. It comes in a free version with many inbuilt themes and modules. Whether you are a designer or a developer or an editor, DNN CMS offers appropriate tools and modules that help you in your website development project. If you are in need of a highly interactive site that is modular, then DNN is the best for SMEs and enterprises.

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    This is another great CMS for organizations using .NET applications. This open source platform has no licensing costs and offers a starting framework that helps the developers to create custom functionalities. With more than 300 extensions available, it has a great structure and also offers neat functions like logical content storage, clean API, super clean markup storage to create elegant websites from the scratch.


    This CMS is an enterprise CMS that offers a complete set of features for creating website, community sites, intranets and ecommerce solutions on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform. It supports the marketing automation, mobile websites, document management, SEO and online marketing tools with multisite and Multilanguage features. Kentico is highly configurable and can be easily modified and extended so that it fits the client’s requirements. Kentico makes it easy to handle small to enterprise level websites, so that you can easily find the page that you want to edit.


    This is the next generation web content management system and is popular for supporting the developer for creating compelling websites, portals, intranets and blogs. It also offers a wide range of enterprise features and easy to use online administration that helps to manage a website. This .NET based CMS makes setting up of the front end of the site easy and today companies are on the rise to adopt this CMS in order to cater to the high demands of this platform.


    Another most advanced CMS based on the .NET framework is Sitecore. This CMS is a great choice for large enterprise companies that are in need of advanced functionalities. It offers the fullest set of features and also a large partner network. But all these features come with a price tag, thereby making Sitecore one of the most expensive option. Again the complexity of the platform also makes it less user friendly for the marketers and administrators and needs seasoned developers for their ongoing support.

    The choice of a CMS depends on your needs and all about balancing the features that you need without having to make too much investments.


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