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    Creating A WordPress Website Is Easy with These Steps

    One question that most of our WordPress clients ask is how should they use WordPress CMS platform? The thought of creating your own site may be overwhelming, but they might even think it is impossible for anyone, but a developer with a background in web design can do it. Since WordPress is the complete force behind most of the websites live today, it is important to understand the steps to WordPress development success.

    We have pooled our experience and knowledge to bring you something that is comprehensive, yet easy to follow.

    Purchase a domain name:

    The first step that you should consider is to purchase a domain name as this web address will use it to find your company. Purchasing a domain name is super simple. All you have to do is to head to a domain name register and the well known ones include NameCheap, GoDaddy and etc. Then search for the address that you want.  Good domain names should include the name of your site and some of the options include .net, .org, .co and etc.

    Choose a reliable hosting service provider:

    Once you have got your address, you have to find a hosting service provider for your site. Though it is not a perfect analogy, but it is a serious step in your website-building process. Without a space on the web, you cannot host your site, which is actually a virtual plot of internet land without which you simply won’t be able to get your WordPress development site online. Searching for some of the best WordPress hosts will help you to opt for either shared or managed WordPress hosting. Whichever, hosting provider you select, you will need to take a decision whether you should opt for shared or managed WordPress hosting,

    Install WordPress depending on the service provider:

    Now that you have got the admin out the way, it’s time to begin real fun and install WordPress. This is something that you can do directly through the dashboard. Based on the provider, you can do the installation with either one-click or manual:

    • One click installation: Hosting providers who offer a one click WordPress installation can easily download the WordPress that is easy. Most hosting providers use the industry standard CPanel dashboard.
    • Manual WordPress installation: This is not a straightforward process and it basically involves downloading the WordPress to your computer first and then again re-uploading it to your hosting provider.

    Add the website content:

    Now that you are prepared with your dream WordPress theme, it is time to add your web content. There are two types of written content on the website:

    • Pages: These are static and won’t change unless you add something new. You can choose a perfect WordPress theme for your site and many themes will show different pages in the navigation bar on the top or you can also add the page’s widget to the list.
    • Posts: these are the entries that are listed as per the chronological order which can be either on the home page or the dedicated sections.
    • Install some important plugins: By installing the plugins you can install the features that WordPress doesn’t include in it. such integrations help to add some extra functionalities to the site.

    Update your site:

    If you don’t keep your theme and plugin updated, then all your efforts will go in vain. Your WordPress website may stop working properly and also become vulnerable to hackers and viruses and this may lead to losing business opportunities.

    WordPress is the most popular CMS which is used by numerous organizations. to implement it appropriately, you should understand and follow the steps.


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