Added on 13 September 2019

    Checklist to Consider Before You Launch Your Magento Store

    After spending many days to create a Magento websites, it is very important to launch it error free. For this, Magento developers should ensure that the launch process goes very smooth and uploading the data is done without any loss. In fact, there are many companies that have to upload their Magento website many times to get it perfect because if there are too many bugs, then it would be difficult for the application to meet the objectives of the business.

    Here is a checklist compiled carefully so that it can be followed before launching any of your Magento website:

    Check the basic configurations: 

    It is very important to ensure that your store’s base URL is correct for your live site. Before launch, confirm that your Magento website has an appropriate URL and this can be checked here in the Magento Admin System -> Configuration -> Web. While launching the site, these URL should be updated and if not, then all the URLs will be referring back to the staging website. None of the bad links should open and having such links also leaves a bad impression on the buyers.  They are penalized by Google also.

    The checkout options:

    Before launching the Magento website, it is crucial to take a close look at the checkout options that are provided in the store. You should look at the terms and conditions and also any other better checkout options. Any inconvenience to the users means a big loss to the business. Users should be completely convinced to make a purchase from the store. But in case anything fails, then the user will not be able to purchase from the site.

    Security certificate: 

    Before the website is made live ensure that you have installed a 100% signed and trusted security certificate for the base URL. Not having an SSL certificate at all may create a big problem and if your domain carries this certificate, then any website when opened on the user’s browser will show a warning of surging an unsafe website. So make sure that you have an SSL certificate registered as well.

    Payment methods:  

    Another most important thing that your store should offer are various payment options like debit card, e-wallets, credit cards, UPI, etc. to ensure that the payment is never an issue when they use your store and even during the most crucial aspect of your business. There is a plethora of options for secured payment, but one should choose the trusted ones like PayPal, Authorize.net which comes as default with Magento.

    Check the speed: 

    In this age of broadband, the website speed should be the core priority. You should also check your site for the speed and there are many tools that can be used for this purpose. The tools will identify the weaker points and suggest improvements to enhance the speed of your site. There is also a chance that if your website is slow, your visitors may skip and also jump to your competitor’s website.

    Database backup: 

    It is essential to have a proper data backup of your site on a regular basis so that you can restore your data when the situation demands so. The data restoration strategy should be in place as to avoid any emergency.

    Uploading a Magento website may be a crucial task as it has many data that is consumed in various tasks. Maintaining a checklist will help you to see that you have covered everything that is needed for a great launch.


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