Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt Ltd.
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#Siliconinfo is a decade old #BIM #Outsourcing #Company specializing in #Architectural #3D BIM #Modeling #Services in the world. Our Architectural BIM Modeling Services provides a digital representation of a detailed 3D Architectural of the building #design before the construction begins and validate the designs for any clashes, interferences etc. We have been fulfilling the project requirements of our clients with customized solutions for multidisciplinary projects such as retail, health care, residential, educational and industrial. https://bit.ly/2HsQfXM

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URL: http://www.siliconinfo.com
Email ID:

Kristy Taylor
Posted on 29 April at 11:31AM

Product data Entry Services for ECommerce, Data Entry of Product Image, Data Entry of Product Features & Specification and Data Entry of Product Description, Price, Testimonials, Reviews

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eCommerce Product Data Entry Services | eBay Product Data Entry Services maxbpooutsourcing.com Max BPO offers Product data Entry Services for Ecommerce industry, we offer Amazon Product data entry, eBay Product Data Entry, and Magento Product Data Entry S...

Kristy Taylor
Posted on 06 April at 02:40PM
eCommerce Product Information Management

Product Data Entry
Catalog Building
Indexing & Archiving
Product Description Writing
Product Categorization
Product Data Cleansing
Product Updating and Maintenance
Product Upload
Image Tagging


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Posted on 29 March at 11:16AM
Medical coding also known as medical classification is the process to transform healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal alphanumeric codes. Max BPO understands the importance of error free medical coding. As a HIPAA compliant service provider, we can help accelerate the cycle of medical coding & optimize the workflow.

Our client relies on us to exceed regulations, in turn lowering the operating cost.


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Posted on 15 March at 11:06AM
E-Commerce Product Data Entry Services

MAX BPO is managed by the top product data entry professionals. Keen knowledge and expertise enables us to provide robust support to your e-Commerce business with our product data entry service. We come up with innovative ideas and business solutions to cater the diversified requirements of our global clients.


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Through an integrated system, we help our clients with eCommerce Catalog Management

Max BPO provides catalog management services in the form of:

• Product Data Entry

• Catalog Building and Indexing

• Product Description Writing

• Catalog Updating and Maintenance

• Ecommerce Content Management

• Product Categorization

• Catalog Conversion


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Posted on 11 March at 12:51PM
We assist our clients with Back Office Services which enables them to focus on core area of business.

Our comprehensive range of back office services

-Data Entry Services
-Data Processing Service
-Data Mining Services
-Data Cleansing Services
-eCommerce Catalog Management Services

Email : info@maxbpooutsourcing.com
Phone: +1 949-281-6905

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Office.com/setup - Microsoft Office 365 subscription can be bought online or offline. Download the setup, install it, and then retrieve the 25 characters alphanumeric product key for activation at officecom/setup #softwaredevelopment #technology #outsourcing

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Get steps for Office 365 installation, first download the setup from office.com/setup, and then activate the Microsoft Office suite with the product key #softwaredevelopment #technology #outsourcing

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Here you can get a complete stepwise guide on how to activate Office on your PC. Download, install or reinstall, or activate Office 365 or Office 2019 on a PC or Mac. #MondayMotivation #softwaredevelopment #technology #outsourcing