Posted on 12 July at 01:46PM
When brands are fighting for user’s screen space, we take the creative approach to stand out. Our UI UX design solution is planned to solve the user problem. We categorize it in three major segments - ideation, inspiration, and execution. Unified Infotech’s main tenet is to understand the user behavior and putting ourselves in the end-user situation to manifest all these categories. The result - an unconventional UI and UX design solution that is embraced by end-users.

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Award Winning UI UX Design Agency | Unified Infotech unifiedinfotech.net Recognized as a top-rated UI UX design agency, we at Unified Infotech offer complete UI UX design services whether you are a fortune 500 company or an SMB.

Multitouch Appstore
Posted on 10 July at 03:24PM
LivePhoto App | Take photos and share them immediately on the touch screen multitouch-appstore.com Shoot a photo, transfer it directly from your camera via wifi and view it instantly on the interactive display, collate it and share it by email.

Multitouch Appstore
Posted on 10 July at 03:23PM
JumpUp App | Skill game includingy gravity and platforms multitouch-appstore.com MultiTouch platform game for several players: With your fingers you create platforms that serve as spring boards for your own character to climb higher – pass...

Multitouch Appstore
Posted on 10 July at 03:21PM
FeedBack App | Interactive form with email option multitouch-appstore.com Get precious customer feedback through use of freely configurable forms. Data can be analyzed and send off via email.

Multitouch Appstore
Posted on 10 July at 03:19PM
Interactive product comparison on touch screens with object recognition multitouch-appstore.com Compare different products interactively on a touch screen as soon as they are placed on the display. The integrated object recognition brings up the product re...

Multitouch Appstore
Posted on 10 July at 03:18PM
Create interactive applications with pages, media files, apps and buttons. multitouch-appstore.com Easily build interactive presentations, mockups and walk-throughs yourself. Link several pages via buttons and click surfaces via an easy-to-use in-app editor.

Multitouch Appstore
Posted on 10 July at 03:17PM
CardsView app | Turnable cards as starting points for apps and widgets multitouch-appstore.com Via views serving as basis apps, you start further apps and widgets in windows or in full screen mode on the entire touch screen.

Multitouch Appstore
Posted on 10 July at 03:14PM
AreaView App | Start menu with freely definable click areas multitouch-appstore.com With views serving as basic menus you can start apps and widgets in windows or fullscreen mode. The design can be customized.

Multitouch Appstore
Posted on 10 July at 03:13PM
Airhockey App | MultiTouch arcade classic for up to four players multitouch-appstore.com MultiTouch AirHockey game where several players use one touch screen simultaneously. Up to four opponents quickly sink a puck in the fellow player's goal.