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Posted on 26 July at 12:07PM
Facebook announced the news feed update in January, 2018 that reduced the unsponsored posts from brands. At the same time, a major shift was noticed as more dollars came pouring in for #Instagram ads instead of #Facebook. Click on the link to know more about how the parent company was surpassed by Instagram.
Report: Facebook takes a back seat to Instagram as ad spend on the Facebook-owned app grows 177% - M... marketingland.com Ad spend on Instagram grew four times that of Facebook year over year, while YouTube advertisers spent nearly triple what they did last year.

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Posted on 12 July at 01:10PM
You have created a #Facebook Page, #Twitter account, #LinkedIn or #Instagram for your #business! It's a very good start, but it's just the beginning of your strategy on #social #networks. Now, we will have to create a #community, this is the interest of #social #networks. Then, like any relationship, we will have to maintain it. We support companies in their #strategy of presence on the #web through the #implementation of #Social #Media #Optimization in #Dallas of acquisition of #traffic. See
Social Media Optimization Services in Dallas, TX- Elite Marketing DFW elitemarketingdfw.com Elite Marketing DFW is reputed social media optimization service provider in Dallas, TX. Promote your website through social media marketing using twitter, face...

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Posted on 29 June at 06:19AM
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Posted on 04 June at 03:07PM
Poisoned Apple Bubble Bath Scoop heavenlysoapworks.com Bubble Scoops are solid bubble bath! The best part? These are full of cocoa butter to nourish your skin, and the bubble agents in these little guys are baby gen...

Jasmine Brown
Posted on 17 May at 02:39PM
Juicy Bath Bomb heavenlysoapworks.com Bath Bombs are a great treat! Simply drop them into your tub and enjoy the wonderful scents and the silky feel of the water from the cocoa butter! These little ...

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Posted on 30 April at 08:54AM
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Posted on 09 February at 09:03AM
6 Ways #Instagram Can Be Used For Growing Your #Business While Saving Time Visit: @eSparkBiz https://goo.gl/ckAhRE #SocialMedia

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Posted on 30 January at 05:54AM
#Instagram is one of the viral social networks right now. It’s visual, it’s quick, it’s mobile friendly and it is very easy to use. It is the best time to get started with Instagram. If you need a beginner’s guide to #Instagram, Here is everything you need to know how to use Instagram.

Austin John
Posted on 30 January at 05:43AM
#Instagram is one of the most powerful social media site for marketing and advertising but Instagram Followers are the primary key of it. Instagram is used by millions of businesses across the world to gain business popularity and #InstagramFollowers play a vital role for promoting a new brand.
Unique Ideas to Win Instagram | GenuineLikes | Blog genuinelikes.com Here we highlight five different ideas for charities to win at Instagram. We’ve created a quick Infographic which will save your time and effort. Do you w...