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Added on 17 July 2019
When was the last time you used a face mask?

Our sleep-in Night Success Mask takes zero time as it just replaces your night cream 2 x per week!
Everyone loves the little vitamin bubbles that burst upon application, to release fresh vitamin A, B & C to repair dullness and fatigue while you sleep! It also contains Lime Caviar which gently exfoliates the skin for a healthy wake-up glow!

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Exfoliating Face Mask | Products For Medispa Use | Products For Skin Therapists - Germaine De Capucc... germaine-de-capuccini.com.au Germaine De Capuccini have professional range of exclusive face masks. Buy facial treatment masks, peels, scrubs, exfoliants & more.


Luxury skincare company, Germaine De Capuccini, has been creating and developing cutting-edge skincare and cosmetic solutions for over 50 years. Germaine de Capuccini’s commitment to pioneering skincare More
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