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    Added on 19 February

    What You Need To Know About UAE Attestation Services!

    All set to have a sparkling career in the UAE? We must say that it is one of the best decisions of your life as you will find a number of good career opportunities in this country. But hang on! There are some things and procedures that you need to follow.

    One of the most important procedures that need to be complete is Saudi Embassy AttestationIt must be noted that you will have to get some of the documents attested before you apply for the Saudi visa.

    A Look At Some Of The Attested Documents That Your Employer May Ask:

    You will have to submit some general documents. This will include your degree certificate from the Indian University. The transcript certificate from the Indian university may also be needed. Depending upon the rules and regulations of UAE the employer in that country may ask for some other documents as well.

    Procedure To Get The Documents Attested From The Government Authority In India:

    First of all your degree certificate has to be validated by the University. Next comes the notarisation part. An advocate or Notary will do this for you. Once the notarisation is done next comes the State Government Stamping. You will have to get this done from the Human Resource Department of the State Government of that State from where the certificate was issued.

    Once the State attestation is done you have to get the attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. Now for this you need to have some buffer time as this will take around two days. Last is the attestation by the Saudi embassy. Here too it will take around 3 working days.

    Once this entire procedure is completed then you can say that your certificate is now attested. You can now use the attested documents to apply for the working visa of the UAE.

    Things That You Need To Remember:

    Now the entire procedure is pretty long and confusing. It is therefore better to opt for the services of a good and reputed company that provides attestation and Apostille service in Delhi In this attestation procedure the photocopy of your valid passport is required. One very important thing that you need to check before you start with the process is to check the list of universities that have been blacklisted by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. If you have received the certificate from a blacklisted university then your certificate will not be attested by the MEA.

    Do not laminate your certificates as the attestation has to be done of the back of the certificate. Note that it will take almost 15 working days to complete the entire procedure of attestation. So make sure that you have enough time for the procedure.

    If you want to realise your dream of working in Saudi then you have to be prepared to complete the attestation procedure. To make things easy opt for the services of a reputed service provider.


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