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  • Food For Train Journey
  • Software Technology Parks of India, Patliputra Colony, Patna


RailRestro is an official ecatering partner of IRCTC. Which delivers restaurant food in train at passenger's seat.
Added on 27 September 2019
Crushing plastic water bottles is one of the biggest steps to save our environment from plastic pollution. Indian Railways is about to set 400 plastic water bottle crushing machine on railway platforms. Read our blog to know more about crushing plastic bottles.
Indian Railways to Reward Passengers for Crushing Plastic Bottles railrestroblog.wordpress.com Traveling via train means exploring your inner self.It is adventurous. Irrespective of being a passionate traveller or a regular passenger, we need to curtail t...

Added on 03 May 2019
Ordering Food Online in Train: 5 Precautions You Need to Take Ordering restaurant style food of your choice during train journey is now possible through e-catering services. Here're some precautionary measures while ordering food online in train.

Added on 23 April 2019
Now cancel your train ticket online via IRCTC website in few easy steps, Watch the complete video.
How to cancel Railway Counter Ticket Online youtube.com Booked Train Ticket Ticket Via PRS Counter and Want to Cancel it Online? Here are Easy Steps on Cancellation of Counter Tickets Online.

Added on 18 April 2019
Do you know what are the different railway coaches and how much comfortable during train journey? Read now to know the Indian railway coaches in terms of comfortability & secured train journey.
Train Coach Classes and their comfort level for Traveling railrestro.com Indian Railways are very economical as compared to the other rail network of the world. It provides complete package of facilities to the passengers according t...

Added on 12 April 2019
There are numerous food items which will has special cooking techniques with delightful flavors and colors. When it comes to food preparation the Rajasthani Thali will leave you surprised and amazed by their looks and taste. https://railfood.wixsite.com/foodintrain/single-post/2019/04/11/Rajasthani-Food-Facts-How-to-Order-them-in-Train
Rajasthani Food Facts: How to Order them in Train | Food on Track | Food in Train - RailRestro railfood.wixsite.com Rajasthani cuisines are special as it is prepared with flavorful spices. Here are some Rajasthani food facts which are worth knowing.

Added on 10 April 2019
Let know about the significance of Ramanavami festival and Chaitra Navaratra. Click here to know everything about Rama-Navami festival. https://www.railrestro.com/blog/ram-navami-festival-an-occasion-to-eulogize-the-birth-of-lord-rama/
Ramnavami Festival: An Occasion to Eulogize the Birth of Lord Rama railrestro.com The entire india will celebrate the occasion of Ram Navami on 13th of April 2019. Come and celebrate this auspicious occasion and be a part of Ayodhya Mela.

Added on 29 March 2019
Bihu Festival: Commemorating the Delights of Assamese New Year
Bihu Festival: Commemorating the Delights of Assamese New Year railrestro.com Bihu festival of Assam is a combination of cultural beliefs and celebrations. Be a part of this occasion to know about Assamese celebrating traditions.

Added on 26 March 2019
While ordering food in train whether you checked that e-catering food delivery vendors are authentic or authorized. Click here to know how to identify the food supplier in train is authorized by IRCTC or not. https://www.railrestro.com/blog/beware-how-to-identify-unauthorized-food-suppliers-in-train/
Beware! How to Identify Unauthorized Food Suppliers in Train railrestro.com There are many unauthorized food suppliers in train who are deliverying food and violatiing the rules of IRCTC. Here's how you can identify them.

Added on 25 March 2019
To share the extreme pressure from the main junction and to reach to the different parts of India, a newly built “Patliputra Junction” is helping the Danapur railway division of Indian Railways for a smooth flow of trains and other operational activities.
Patliputra Junction: A New Pathway to enter Bihar railrestro.com Patliputra Junction is a newly built railway junction in Bihar operating under the Danapur Railway division. Lets discuss in detail about this station to know m...

Added on 23 January 2019
Rann Utsav 2019- A fun-filled package of Leisure and Adventure. https://www.railrestro.com/blog/rann-utsav-2019-a-fun-filled-package-of-leisure-and-adventure/
Rann Utsav 2019- A fun-filled package of Leisure and Adventure railrestro.com The Rann of Kutch festival has arrived with ample of fun activities. Discover the immaculate beauty magic of Rann of Kutch festival 2018-19.