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    Added on 30 November 2019
    BIM for multi-family housing BIM gives a clear understanding of the materials utilised, the building life cycle of a specific structure, and the expense for building it.

    Added on 22 October 2019
    5 things that have changed in construction 5 things that have to changed in construction and BIM Services.

    Added on 01 October 2019
    5 iconic constructions in the UAE and what we can learn from them Looking at the number of iconic buildings in the UAE, there’s a lot one can learn from some of the world’s most significant construction projects. Here are some magnificent structures in the UAE that we can all learn from.

    Added on 23 September 2019
    How BIM addresses the top challenges of facilities management BIM is useful not only while facilities are being constructed but can help maintain existing structures.

    Added on 09 September 2019
    My View of How India Can Maximize the Budget Outlay on Infrastructure In government projects, the focus must be on delivering the maximum impact at the most reasonable cost and within the most appropriate time. And that’s a typical BIM use-case.

    Added on 31 August 2019
    How to Drive On-site BIM adoption? BIM Implementation is rising in construction sites across the world. For firms that are just joining the wave, implementing BIM could be a paradigm shift for companies.