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    Added on 11 January

    Cougar Minos X5 - The Most Underrated Gaming Mouse On The Market?

    Is the Cougar Minos X5 gaming mouse the most underrated bit of hardware on the market?

    Is Cougar's claim that the X5 mouse is a lethal FPS weapon true?

    let's find out.

    To help us along the way check out this review of the cougar mouse by Clutchkills and how they felt this gaming mouse fared up in their own independent tests.

    Overall Design & Shape

    The wide body of the X5 is designed to make you hold the mouse with a claw grip. A pretty ingenious idea to help you with more subtle, precise and faster movements... characteristics needed for FPS gaming (particularly accurate headshots).

    Clutchkills specifically states that it took 1 week before getting used to the claw-grip which ultimately improved performance... most reviewers do not normally test for this length of time. So give performance equipment time before passing judgment.

    PMW 3360 Sensor For 2000Hz Polling Rate

    Some would say that 2000Hz polling rate is overkill and in some respects it is. Ordinarily, you do not notice it when performing bigger movements, however, where you do notice it is with tiny micro-movements that require small adjustment (such as in FPS headshots). This feature enhances the user to make tiny adjustments/corrections quickly when aiming.

    All I can say is once getting used to the X5, you will NOT want to go back to your old mouse.

    Cougar’s Components

    Let's take a look at the components that make up this mouse. As in the review mentioned above, there were some disappointing aspected of this mouse.

    Buttons & Clicking Performance

    There were no apparent issues with the buttons, but at the same time nothing special either.
    The click sensation was perfectly acceptable comparing other competing mice, but again, you just got the sense you were expecting a little more.

    Wheel & Roll Performance

    The wheel was average as well. Perfectly adequate but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Rubber Cord & Its Affect

    The cord was probably the most disappointing of all. Ironically a part of the mouse that should not be getting in the way of performance actually did!

    It is made from standard 'old school' rubber cord that created a bit of resistance when trying to move the mouse around. With larger movements, you did not notice it so much, however, with smaller subtler movements, it does create enough resistance to interfere with your aiming (ironic considering it Minos X5 mouse was designed specifically to be a lethal FPS weapon).

    I have to agree with Clutchkills on this one, I too would personally replace the stock rubber USB cord with an aftermarket paracord...

    For more information, I would read the whole review.


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