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Camp Shane is the longest running weight loss camp in the country, helping kids lose weight through fun, fitness, and innovative therapies.
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  • 134 Teatown Rd Croton-on-Hudson, New York
Added on 29 March 2019

Things Need to Know Before Enrolling Kid to a Weight Loss Camp in NY

If you are one among them, then you have definitely made the right choice, as your kid is not only going to shred some excess weight during the camp period but also learn to be disciplined, consistent and brave enough to face any kind of problems in their daily life. Finding the right weight loss camp for your kid shall be a difficult process, hence providing some valid points that everyone must know before enrolling into the program.

Fun filled exercise programs:

Unlike the boot camps, where the kids are made to perform rigorous activities in the name of exercises, the weight loss camps must have a fun-filled easy to do exercises and games that can let them shred about fifteen to fifty pounds at the end of the camp period.

Teaching the importance of diet:

Opt for a weight loss camp that not only has simple exercises but lets your kid learn the importance of following a healthy diet. Camp Shane is one such weight loss camp in New York that has been helping kids adapt to a healthy lifestyle after attending their summer camps.

Life changing eating habits:

An irregular eating habit with higher consumption of fried foods shall turn your kids into obese. A good weight loss camp must teach the kids about the essentials behind having micronutrients in their daily food intake and keeping an eye on the foods they consume regularly.

Providing a friendly environment:

The weight loss camp must be sure enough to provide a friendly environment to let your kid socialize and be body positive during the camping period. Working with such a positive environment shall help your kid lose that love handles at ease.

Obesity running in your family is not fun, and your kids shall get affected by the same in the near future too. Enroll your kids to a summer weight loss camp from Camp Shane and let them learn the importance behind eating healthy and living a positive life with higher levels of activity done every other day.


Camp Shane leads the way in youth weight loss with co-ed locations throughout the country, including Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Texas, and Wisconsin for ages 8 through 25. Please contact More


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