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    Added on 17 May 2019
    #BIM is the next generation technology which is gaining a lot of popularity in the construction industry from architects, engineers, designers and also owners. It offers to design through 3D models that not only simplifies the work of designers but also helps the owner to maintain information throughout the project lifecycle. Outsourcing services for BIM will reduce costs and energy to a great extent. CAD Outsourcing Services is offering BIM outsourcing services to its clients to fulfill the above-mentioned purpose.

    Our #BIMoutsourcing Services included #BIMDesignSolution, #StructuralBIMServices, #ArchitecturalBIMServices, #MechanicalBuildingInformationModeling, #BIMDrafting, #BIMEngineering, #MechanicalRevitServices, #3DCADBuildingModels and #4DConstructionPlanning.

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