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Nourish your skin with tasty formulas developed by Cosmetofood Provide your skin with the same pleasures given by food, that’s the Cosmetofood
Added on 04 May
Basil, considered as one of the most sacred plants is now coming in

harmony with mint and other organic actives to solve your acne problems once and forever. APS Cosmetofood™ introduces Basil and Mint Mojito Serum to make acne a distant memory.

Added on 04 May
Avocado Pulp Mask

Feast for a skin licious skin, you are in! Treat your skin beautifully with APS Cosmetofood™ Avocado Pulp Mask! Conjuring the natural goodness of Avocado and natural herbs, it is luxuriously cream based & feeds the skin in the most nourishing way.


Added on 04 May
Coffee Massage Souffle

Let your skin set the admiration vogue with the wondrous benefits of Coffee Massage Soufflé! APS Cosmetofood™ bring you the experience of finely textured well sculpted skin with Coffee Massage Soufflé.


Added on 04 May
Yummy Yam & Pumpkin Pulp Enzyme Polisher

Born with an attitude to carve a distinctive identity then pomp it up with a touch of arrogance. The formula is hidden in APS Cosmetofood™ Yummy Yam & Pumpkin Pulp Enzyme Polisher! Yummy Yam Pulp Purée mixed perfectly with Pumpkin Pulp Purée to add that ‘WOW’ factor to your skin appearance.

Added on 04 May
Raspberry Facial Cleanser

Have you ever experienced the spirals of temptations rolling around you autonomously and you allow yourself gone with the flow! Enticing to imagine but actually not difficult to get… APS Cosmetofood Raspberry Facial Cleanser spells the same effect which is hard to escape.


Added on 04 May
Gaspacho Vitality Serum

Days are out so why stay indoors! Enjoy under the sun, care free with the protection of APS Cosmetofood™ Gaspacho Vitality Serum. It possesses complete care to protect your skin from sunburns, pollution and tanning.


Added on 04 May
Honey & Acai Berry Facial Mask

Treat your skin beautifully with APS Cosmeto Food Honey & Acai Berry Facial Mask! Conjuring the natural goodness of Honey, Acai Berry and natural herbs


Added on 04 May
Marshmallow Egg Yolk Massage Cream

Let your skin set the admiration vogue with the wondrous benefits of egg yolk! Experience a finely textured well sculpted skin with APS Cosmetofood™


Added on 04 May
Multigrain Porridge Exfoliant

Multigrain Porridge Exfoliant (Ubtan) is an age old Ayurvedic beauty mixture mostly used by brides for getting a healthy glowing skin. APS Cosmetofood Multigrain Porridge Exfoliant (Ubtan) has been formulated to visibly presence of Turmeric and Amino vector performs exfoliation, lighten pigmentation marks and anti-inflammatory functions to soothes and comfort the normal to dry skin.

Added on 04 May
Pro Biotic Curd Cleanser

Always knowing Curd as an excellent cleanser and skin purifier but hardly using it is a common tendency.